My little yet messy world

Why I started this blog? Nothing special, I just need somewhere to share my thoughts, my silly opinions ’bout life… Since English is not my mother tongue and I’m not good at English as well, I think I’ll write in both Vietnamese and English.

As I mentioned above, this is quite a personal blog so I don’t care much about the viewer. I mean if we have something in common, I’m happy to discuss it with you but if anyone doesn’t like my point of view, you can leave. No war, please.

Why “little yet messy world”? This actually describes my current life: Waking up late in the morning, riding to work, going back home late in the evening, end of a day. At weekend, I try to stay at home reading, drawing…avoiding the world. That’s my lifestyle, though I don’t like it. Why I keep holding on to it? I don’t know, I find it hard to change. I’m an introvert anyway. Somehow I feel like a typical main character in a Haruki Murakami’s novel: mediocre, normal person trying to stay as small as possible, leading a boring life that focuses more on his own inabilities than the rest of the world.

Ah, I’m not sure if anyone wants to know more about me but I’ll show you a little bit. I’m 25 something, female, Vietnamese and you won’t find my face on this blog, I don’t think it’s necessary. That’s all.

Well, I think it’s enough for a first post.


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