We’re loners by nature, aren’t we?


There will be a day when you realize that you have nobody to care or listen to you.

Everyone has their own burdens, their stresses… that they’re too tired to talk to each other. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters… all have their own sorrows, sadness…but all decide to keep their mouths shut. They try to act normal, to avoid talking with each other. They prefer to look at their cell phone, laptop, iPad… than others’ faces.

There would be plenty time for all but they just don’t want to spare theirs. The thoughts they keep, the sorrow they bear, the burdens they shoulder…

They build their barriers around them and live with cautious eyes… Nobody should know what they’re suffering nor they care about others.

They act and react, not live, even when surrounding by their very own family. They are bound by blood, duties, and responsibilities…, aren’t they? Is love still there? It is so close yet so far away…

Since when “family” becomes no more than a word?  People just keep growing apart…

Even worse, they become strangers to themselves as well. They lie, hide their feeling, their thoughts, or run away from their soul. Soul?? They’re dying inside…

Sometimes they look at their own reflections in a mirror and wonder who the hell is staring at them… They have too many faces, too many masks that they don’t even know which is the true one.

Why and How it happens?

Can they get back to those old carefree happy days?

I doubt it…



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