NieR: Automata (Random notes)


  • Why it has to be this damn sad? 

I’ve been playing this game these days and whenever it starts, emptiness and sorrow keep crawling under my skin. My heart hurts whenever I see or hear 9S. This boy deserves better.

  • “For the Glory of Mankind”

When I first heard this, I found it was somehow ridiculous and ironic. Telling androids to fight for mankind, while treating them nothing but merely weapons or tools? Human sucks…

  • Music is freaking good. No, I mean awesome.

Believe me, the soundtracks of this game can go straight to your heart, fill it with sorrow and sadness. I feel damn lonely when hearing those. Like it’s only me, standing before the very big yet destroyed world, trying to find the meaning of life or a reason to live, to move on. Like trying to touch the light from darkness, in other words.

Square Enix is a master when it comes to soundtracks. They know how to combine their games and music into a masterpiece, a piece of art. I’ve been playing their games for 15 years something and the music, besides the games itself, is always amazing like it has its own story to tell.

  • #1 Lesson: A white lie is more dangerous than an ugly truth (Quest: Resistance Disappearance).


  • I don’t want this game to end.

Of course, I wanna see the whole story but knowing how it ends, I just resist on continuing the game. I’m afraid I’ll end up crying and drowning myself in sadness.

  • But a white lie is sometimes better than an ugly truth. (Quest: 11B Momentum)
  • Voice acting is awesome.

Really, I think SE did a very good job on voice acting. They did carry emotions. I did feel those characters’ souls.

  • It’s hard to not being emotionally attached to these characters.

I know it’s quite creepy but I do get the emotional bonds with 2B, 9S and even some NPCs. Why? You have to experience the game yourself. I’ve been on a kinda roller-coaster of emotions while playing it.

Say, I felt exactly what Adam described when 2B saw 9S in the Copied City: Pure Hate. I did feel the heat, the running of adrenaline under my veins, my wretched heart…and I wanna kill that guy immediately.

  • 2nd playthrough


Some said that this playthrough as 9S would be boring… I found it gorgeous. It’s a heart-broken play. I kept clenching my fists throughout each chapter.

Why? Why? Why?

After throwing ourselves into these endless battles, giving them our all, even sacrificing our very own selves so many times… It’s meaningless.

Everyone needs a reason to fight… then that very reason vanished into the air… We were fighting for nothing…nothing…nothing at all… We were fighting for our own imaginary master… Lies, lies, lies…

Still, we have to continue this fight again, again, again, and again… Such foolish…

I had to witness 2B strangled 9S to death, for the 2nd time. Damn it. “It always ends like this.”

Story continues…after finding the damn truth, yet we’re throwing ourselves into battle again…

Friends, brothers, sisters, families, lovers…what are those things? Emotion is prohibited… **** the rule.

Androids are made to kill, to protect mankind… “Glory to mankind.” Glory to…

No matter how we try, we’ll end up killing our beloved one or being killed by them…

Orders are orders, no doubt, no question, Once an order is given to you, all you have to do is to execute it. No matter how cruel it is… In the end, pain and guilt are all that left…

Heh heh, it’s “alright”… Everything is “alright”…

  • Now, the game begins…


After playing for nearly 40 hrs… After I developed some kind of emotional bonds with 9S and 2B…

I had to witness the death of 2B.

And with her death…

The game now begins… This is NieR Automata.

Route A and B are just forewords.

Damn, well played, SE… Well played.

  • Sidequest: “Culinary Researcher”

I found this quest somehow disgusting. Dunno why but killing these innocent animals and watching their blood pouring out for the sake of science/ knowledge was really horrible. I just couldn’t stand the blood. Once again, this game proved that mankind is such an irritating creature.

  • 9S..

I really like this boy. In route A and B, he appeared to be an arrogant, curious boy who can be easily overwhelmed by his own emotions. I found it interesting as if he’s a teenager boy struggling to go through his puberty.

It, however, changed drastically in route C and D. I don’t want to spill the beans but it’s really heartbreaking seeing him like that.

Some called him heartless but the fact was that he was brainwashed, filled with hatred towards machines and built with an unstable mentality from the very beginning. It’s quite reasonable for him to behave and react like that.

In hopeless, he found love. By losing love, he found hatred. From hatred, he dumped himself to hell. It seems his life was nothing but a curse, an endless curse like A2’s and 2B’s.

  • 2B..

This sexy girl appeared to be cold, self-controlled who always stated that emotions were prohibited. Her actions, however, were told a different story where she was sometimes driven by her own emotions. She tried to deny it but deep inside, she somehow sympathized and shared feelings with machines. And, by assigned to accompany with 9S, she was engaged to endure such an endless pain. “It always ends like this.”

Some said that she’s merely a selfish and robotic person (yeah, she’s an android) who always do what she’s told (by Commander/YoRHa). But, that’s the only way she could keep her memory and treasure her moments with 9S. What if she denied her duty? She would be reset without a single memory of 9S. Or, another 2B would be assigned to accompany 9S. It’s their memories, their moments together that formed this unbreakable bond between 2B and 9S. Of course, there would be quite a lot of other 2B and 9S out there but none of them share those “special” memories. Or, I could say that there would be no kind of emotional bond between them, just men on missions.

At her very last moment, the “true” 2B called 9S “Nines”. Damn, my heart was broken to pieces.

  • A2..

I wondered how could A2 go through those years wandering alone on this devasted Earth. She was the only survivor while all of her teammates were wiped out by machines. That must be a tough time for her.

She was filled with hatred towards machines yet found machines amused when she got in touch with Pascal and his children. She even showed her sympathy and pain when acknowledged those little children committed suicide. I think that she also developed some kind of feeling towards machines besides hatred. She became hesitated when killing machines, especially those harmless ones. In the words, meeting Pascal changed her, as well as 2B’s, perspective while 9S was still that headstrong guy.

However, despite her important and interesting role in the game, her story was really short. I really want to spend more time with her. Though she somehow lacked communications ability (according to Pod), A2 showed that her cold and callous appearance was just a way to cover her feeling or maybe she didn’t know how to express herself.

  • The end

Ok, I’ve finished this game from A to D, will manage to get E someday. A heavy chest was all I had.

I don’t know how to say since it seems words are useless here.

I pray for their new lives. Hope.

“A future is not something given to you. It is something you must take for yourself.”






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