NieR: Automata (Random notes: to be updated)

  • Why it has to be this damn sad? 



I’ve been playing this game these days and whenever it starts, emptiness and sorrow keep crawling under my skin. My heart hurts whenever I see or hear 9S. This boy deserves better.

  • “For the Glory of Mankind”

When I first heard this, I found it was somehow ridiculous and ironic. Telling androids to fight for mankind, while treating them nothing but merely weapons or tools? Human sucks…

  • Music is freaking good. No, I mean awesome.

Believe me, the soundtracks of this game can go straight to your heart, fill it with sorrow and sadness. I feel damn lonely when hearing those. Like it’s only me, standing before the very big yet destroyed world, trying to find the meaning of life or a reason to live, to move on. Like trying to touch the light from darkness, in other words.

Square Enix is a master when it comes to soundtracks. They know how to combine their games and music into a masterpiece, a piece of art. I’ve been playing their games for 15 years something and the music, besides the games itself, is always amazing like it has its own story to tell.

  • #1 Lesson: A white lie is more dangerous than an ugly truth (Quest: Resistance Disappearance).


  • I don’t want this game to end.

Of course, I wanna see the whole story but knowing how it ends, I just resist on continuing the game. I’m afraid I’ll end up crying and drowning myself in sadness.

  • But a white lie is sometimes better than an ugly truth. (Quest: 11B Momentum) 
  • Voice acting is awesome.

Really, I think SE did a very good job on voice acting. They did carry emotions. I did feel those characters’ souls.

  • It’s hard to not being emotional attached with these characters.

I know it’s quite creepy but I do get the emotional bonds with 2B, 9S and even some NPCs. Why? You have to experience the game yourself. I’ve been on a kinda roller-coaster of emotions while playing it.

Say, I felt exactly what Adam described when 2B saw 9S in the Copied City: Pure Hate. I did feel the heat, the running of adrenaline under my veins, my wretched heart…and I wanna kill that guy immediately. 


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